Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Places to Advertise your Equipment

There are lots of free places to advertise. Here are a few that I use quite a bit to sell. When you open a new account you can put two free ads in the http://www.truckpaper.com/ Be sure to put your website address in the description of your ads.For used Antique Tractors and Equipment try YTMag.com-they only allow one picture though.You can post as many ads as you like with lots of pictures at http://used-heavyequipment.com/ and let's not forget one of the biggest free advertising sites on the internet http://www.craigslist.org/.Of course be sure not to abuse these sites and follow their policies. It's also a good idea only to place ads on craigslist that are close to home if it is a vehicle you are advertising as most people won't travel very far to look at it seems. But I have been wrong about that before as I recently shipped a Kenworth semi truck to Italy so your buyers can come from very far away.I even shipped a Mack truck and dump truck to Africa last year.I hope these links come in handy for you - thanks for visiting my internet advertising blog - Ann Menke

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Valuation of Horse Drawn Carriages

I have quite a few Horse Drawn Carriages for you to look at to compare them to your own. I often get people emailing me asking what the value of their buggy is worth and the best way to tell is to look at buggys that already have prices on them. Look at the ones on my website Vintage Restorations to see if they match what you have. I usually tell people that if it has the manufacturers plate still on it that adds about $800- $1000 to the value of the buggy because this information helps you to get more information from museums in the area where it was manufactured. For a small donation if you write to a museum and send them a picture of your buggy they may send you back a copy from the manufacturers catalog. This further documents the history of your buggy. If you don't have a manufactures plate then try to find a buggy that looks as much like yours as possible so in case someone asks it's value you have a comparable to show them.
Thanks for visiting my Buggy Restoration blog - Ann Menke You can also look below at horse drawn carriage and buggys for sale to see what other people are asking for theirs.