Monday, October 31, 2011

Horse Buggy Restoration

Restoring horse drawn carriages is a fun way to learn about the carriages of the 1900's. I really didn't know much about horse carriages until I went and bought an old used one and started restoring it. Then I started doing research online about horse drawn carriages from the 1900's and learned about all the different types such as cut under and piano type horse carriage bodies. I also learned about all the different types of carriage lamps that could be added as well as foot boards, buggy whips, buggy lamps, carriage tops, and carriage seat upholstery. Make no mistake restoring horse drawn carriages is no easy task as it can take many hours of sanding before you can even get started painting one. Sanding the buggy wheels is the hardest part as you have to do that by hand to get in between each spoke on the wheel. You will love some of the Horse Carriage Memorabilia Below.. I know I did.