Thursday, October 27, 2011

Restoring a Horse Drawn Carriage - Lessons from Experience

 You have to really love horses to put what it takes into teaching them how to drive. We lunged the horses in our ring and walked them around the carriage to get them used to it. Put all the driving gear on them and walked them around the ring. Bought horse driving videos. Read books on horse carriage driving. But life happens and many things got in the way of the daily routine required to teach a horse how to drive a carriage and so we never did get a horse to do it. Time went by and I have since sold all my horses and now the carriage sits there for sale. It is completely restored but never got used.
I am sure many people have similar stories of unfinished projects and dreams thrown by the wayside.
Maybe you just have an old horse carriage you inherited or found in an old barn and you want to restore it.
You don't have to have a horse to drive it - maybe you just want it sitting out in front of the house all decorated for Christmas. Or maybe you have a friend that has a driving horse. Restoring a horse carriage is a labor of love...don't expect to make any money off selling it after you restore it ...just like restoring classic cars....there is no money in doing it - you always put more into it than you can sell it for. Before putting all that effort forth restoring one you should see if maybe it would be a better idea to buy someone elses labor of love below...there are plenty of already restored carriages out there.